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Private Wealth Management

Many from young professionals to successful families face a tricky dilemma when selecting a wealth advisor: They may lack the >100-200 crore portfolio required to grab the full attention of a large advisory firms, but being confined to a big bank or brokerage firm isn’t a good fit either. In our opinion, each family deserves dedicated wealth managers who can provide face to face, transparent, knowledge based advisory rather than be herded with a large one size fits all brand.


A simple to understand strategy, where the family has access to its portfolio at command is of paramount importance to us. This is further complemented by our superior execution, rigorous product due diligence, and undivided attention to our client’s needs


  • Equity Mutual Funds

  • Direct Equity 

  • Portfolio Management Services


  • Debt Mutual Funds

  • Structured Products

  • Corporate Bonds 

  • Tax Free Bonds

  • Private Equity

  • Real Estate

  • Unlisted Securities


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