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Estate Planning

Wealth creation is only half the job done. Protecting and making a transmission plan for the next generation is sometimes far more relevant in a complex legal system like India. Planning the transmission of your estate to loved ones can often be a stressful, cumbersome, and difficult process. It is often overlooked. We realize it is not just our responsibility to manage our client’s wealth, but also ensure it is passed on to the next generation without any loss, be it for an HNI or a young professional with a dependent family.  Whether it is a will, private trust or a gift, we endeavour to help identify appropriate structures to transmit and protect your wealth in a seamless manner.

Private trusts

Private trusts are by far the most effective estate planning instruments which ensure the dual benefit of assets being protected from external liabilities and a seamless transfer of wealth to next generation.


Creating and Registering Will to ensure a smooth and secure transmission of assets to the intended beneficiaries.

Long term transition planning

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